BarrierBoss® is Actively Looking for New B2B Dealers Nationwide

BarrierBoss® is Actively Looking for New B2B Dealers Nationwide

Welcome to BarrierBoss. We’re your premier source for the very best in metal fencing, roofing, and siding solutions. Our team has over two decades of industry expertise. And today, we provide unrivaled high-quality metal products tailored to your unique project requirements. As a relatively new brand, it is our goal to set a new standard in product quality, industry pricing, shared shipping costs, and amazing customer service.

Benefit from our team of structural engineers and designers. We work collaboratively to come up with new ideas that keep us at the top of our game and ensure consumers have the best fencing, roofing, and siding products to choose from. We’re also all about customization. If we don’t have the right size available as a standard product, we’ll work with you to create the size you need.

We’ve created a user-friendly B2B portal for our dealers. 

At BarrierBoss, our hands-on approach makes us different from other metal panel manufacturers. In fact, if you place an order in British Columbia, our owner personally delivers. We have a company culture where you're not just dealing with external partners but with individuals deeply invested in your success. 

Transparency is at our core. We’ll even repurchase unsold goods in new condition within six months. 

Interested in becoming a BarrierBoss dealer? Contact us today.

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FAQ About B2B Fencing, Roofing, And Siding

What Is BarrierBoss®?

BarrierBoss is a distinguished metal fencing, roofing, and siding manufacturer based in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada. We are a family-owned and operated business. Our values are reflected in everything we do. We are passionate about our products and customers and always look for new ways to improve our services. 

We’re proud of our history of excellence and innovation. We’re committed to providing our customers with the highest-quality metal solutions. Our metal products are made with high-quality galvanized steel. Our stringent quality control processes ensure that you receive the very best products. We won’t sell you something we wouldn’t use in our own projects.

In addition to our Canadian manufacturing base, BarrierBoss maintains production units in Sri Lanka and China. This allows us to offer an unmatched range of fencing solutions while ensuring competitive pricing. Our global presence and local expertise make us a trusted partner for businesses seeking quality and cost-effective fencing, roofing, and siding solutions.

Why Choose BarrierBoss®?

We originally started the fencing business because we installed a fence for a friend, and their friends and neighbors loved it. Before long, others were asking if we could do the same for them. The next thing we knew, we had a compelling value proposition—we could manufacture high-quality metal products that were stronger and longer-lasting than other products on the market.

Now, we’ve broadened our fencing skills to the metal roofing and siding market. Our expertise in custom-made metal fences, roofing, and siding products sets us apart. Plus, we understand that one size does not fit all. So, we do what it takes to tailor solutions to your precise requirements. 

Beyond customization, our commitment to quality ensures that every BarrierBoss product is built with nothing but the best in steel and wood. We use a 7’8’ wave 26-gauge steel, stronger and thicker than other panels you might find at the local lumberyard or your current supplier. Our wood comes from a mill experienced in working with select-grade lumber.

So, why choose BarrierBoss? Because we are laser-focused on high-quality materials at a competitive price. We sell nothing but the best. That’s the BarrierBoss way.

Is The Fencing Industry Growing In North America?

The fencing industry in the U.S. is growing and it’s growing fast. Our research indicates that this is driven by things like increased property development, security concerns, and a growing emphasis on making a property look great. In the U.S. alone, the market was valued at USD 8.20 billion in 2021. It’s expected to grow to a projected CAGR of 5.0% from 2022 to 2030. 

The residential sector accounts for over 33% of the fencing market. More and more homeowners want a fence to protect their family and belongings. Whether they have a pool or need an animal enclosure, fences are the best way to keep unwanted visitors out and protect what’s on the inside.

Is the Siding Industry Growing?

The siding industry is on a serious growth trajectory. In fact, it’s projected to hit between USD 101.7 billion and USD 126.3 billion by 2030. Why is this? The answer is in the growing need for residential and commercial construction projects. And, today’s consumers want a siding product that can withstand harsh weather conditions, stand up against chemical exposure, prevent premature deterioration, and not be overly harmful to the environment. 

Enter metal siding as a solution. Metal siding offers a modern look that today’s property owners love. It’s low maintenance, naturally insect-repelling, energy-efficient, and recyclable. Our metal siding is made from 26-gauge galvanized steel bathed in a PVDF/ NoFade finish.

Is the Roofing Industry Growing?

The roofing industry is growing at an unprecedented rate. Every year, North America experiences a significantly high number of natural disasters, which test the strength of roofing systems. Since not having a roof is not an option, it's no surprise that the global market size reached $102.4 billion in 2020 and is anticipated to reach $156.0 billion by 2030.

Steel roofs are built to last 40 to 50 years, far longer than their traditional asphalt shingle counterparts. Metal is super strong, safe, and amazingly energy efficient. With resistance to corrosion and cracking and the ability to withstand wind gusts up to 140 mph, metal roofs reduce maintenance costs, too. If that’s not enough, they offer fire resistance—non-combustible during wildfires or lightning strikes. Steel is environmentally friendly because it is 100% recyclable at the end of its life.

Is There Currently A Gap In The Market?

Despite the growth across the board in the fencing, roofing, and siding industry, there remains a gap. That gap is in high-quality metal products. And that’s where BarrierBoss comes in. We did the homework and discovered that there was no high-quality solution for homeowners or property owners who wanted a metal product made of the strength required to stand up to the weather conditions we often experience in North America.

That’s why we set out to take our knowledge in the fencing space and broaden our capabilities into the siding and roofing market, too. Today, we manufacture one of the strongest metal panels on the market. We use ⅞”-wave 26-gauge steel, which is far stronger than the 29-gauge used by our competitors.

Plus, we finish our steel with a PVDF/ NoFade paint. Oh, and did we mention that we paint both sides? Our process is so much more effective than the SMP process used by many others out there. The result is a long-lasting product resistant to fading, chalking, rust, and corrosion.

So, is there a gap in the market? Not anymore. BarrierBoss is here.

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