• Breaking Barriers - Black Corrugated Metal Fence Panel In The Warehouse

    Breaking Barriers: Celebrating BarrierBoss's Largest Order Since Company Inception

    We are excited to share that BarrierBoss has shipped off the largest order that we've ever received! The order is currently on its way to a client that is based in Texas. This customized order included 115 corrugated metal fence panels, a giant sliding gate, and custom-sized doors. Learn more about how BarrierBoss can deliver not only quality, but quantity!
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  • Corrugated Metal Siding Exterior

    Corrugated Metal Siding: Transforming Your Home's Exterior

    Corrugated metal siding is strong, durable, and gives your property a sleek modern finish that will be the envy of the neighborhood! Whether it's corrugated metal, deep groove, or classic rib siding, BarrierBoss will walk you through what you should know about siding.
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  • Corrugated Metal Fence Ideas - BarrierBoss

    Corrugated Metal Fence Ideas: A Home Guide

    There's a new player on the market...Introducing corrugated metal fencing! Whether your interested in implementing your dream backyard fence, protect your property from wildlife intruders, or add that final touch to your commercial property, corrugated metal fencing is the right option for you and your needs!
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