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Corrugated Metal Fence Ideas: A Home Guide

Are you thinking of a fence for your home? If so, chances are that you are thinking of a typical wooden option. Or, maybe you love the look of white vinyl, and that’s the path you want to take. While either option is a great choice for your home, we want you first to consider another option: corrugated metal fencing. 

Think about it. Have you noticed more metal fences popping up around homes and businesses lately? There's a good reason for that. While traditional fences made of wood, chain link, and vinyl have been popular for years, a new player in town is catching everyone's eye: corrugated metal fencing. 

This type of fence isn't just about keeping things in or out. The way we see it, corrugated steel fencing is a stylish statement that can dramatically change your property's curb appeal and overall look. And, it provides whatever level of privacy you are looking for.

At BarrierBoss, we’re seeing that more and more homeowners want a modern look when it comes to their homes and even their fences. They desire clean lines and a sleek finish. And they don’t want their fence to look like every other fence in the neighborhood. The solution? Corrugated metal fencing.

Unlike the usual fencing materials such as wood, vinyl, or even chain link, metal brings both style and strength. It's not just another fence; it's a choice for those who want their properties to stand out while still enjoying the practical benefits of security and privacy. 

At BarrierBoss, we’re confident that corrugated metal fencing is the perfect solution for homeowners who want privacy, security, and a cool-looking design. From backyard privacy to commercial security, corrugated metal fencing is where it’s at.

Corrugated Metal Fence Kit

DIY Metal Fence Kit - "The Coastal Kit"

Corrugated Metal Fencing: What's the Appeal?

What makes corrugated metal fencing stand out in a crowd of traditional options? First off, its ultra-modern appearance is unmatched. This type of fencing offers a sleek and modern look that can complement any property style. It's a way to make your space look unique without sacrificing function for form.

But it's not just about looks. Corrugated metal fencing is built to last—40 years or more, to be precise. It's incredibly durable and can withstand some seriously harsh weather, from scorching sun to heavy rain or penetrating snow. Wood, on the other hand, can rot. And vinyl can crack in extreme temperatures. Metal fencing? It can stand its ground.

Forget about constant painting, staining, or replacing damaged sections. A simple wash down now and then with some mild dish soap and a bucket is all it takes to keep your fence looking brand new. And because BarrierBoss metal panels are painted on both sides with PVDF paint, they’re truly designed to last.

Corrugated Metal Fencing Ideas

Corrugated metal fencing is adaptable to a wide range of uses. From securing backyards to protecting commercial properties and even creating safe spaces for animals, this fencing solution meets various needs with style and efficiency. 

Consider the following applications:

Backyard Fencing

Are you a homeowner looking for both privacy and style? If so, corrugated metal fencing provides a modern barrier that keeps prying eyes out. And, it adds that ultra-modern edge and unique appearance to your outdoor space. As an added bonus, it can withstand some of the harshest weather elements, including intense sun, frigid temperatures, rain, sleet, and snow. Corrugated metal fencing is seriously a fence for all seasons.

Commercial Property Fencing

Businesses typically require fencing that offers security without compromising on looks. Corrugated metal is ideal for this, offering a barrier that deters unauthorized access while maintaining a professional appearance. Its strength and low maintenance make it a cost-effective solution. With corrugated metal fencing, you can protect your business’s exterior assets and enhance the property's curb appeal overall.

Orchard Fencing

According to the USDA, as much as 40% of global crop production is lost to pests yearly. And those pests very likely include small animals that love to come in and gobble up whatever is growing on your property. For this reason, orchards and gardens can seriously benefit from corrugated metal fencing. It can stand up against pests and animals, preventing them from damaging crops. Its resilience against weather conditions ensures long-term protection for those in the growing industry.

Deer and Wildlife Barriers

Living close to nature means sometimes needing to keep wildlife at bay. Deer love to wander into areas where they feel safe or think they’ll be able to find their next meal. Corrugated metal fencing creates a perfectly designed boundary that deer and other animals cannot easily breach. Its height and strength offer peace of mind to homeowners looking to protect their gardens or landscapes from unwelcome visitors.

Helpful hint: If you have a deer problem, we recommend our 8’ panels. As deer can often jump heights of up to 7’, our 8’ panels provide you with the best chances of keeping unwelcome deer away.

Animal Enclosures and Dog Runs

Pet owners can use corrugated metal fencing to create safe and secure animal enclosures. Why opt for an electric fence when they’re only 70% effective and 0% effective if your dog isn’t wearing their fence collar? 

Whether it's a spacious dog run or an enclosure for smaller animals, this fencing ensures they have a safe area to play and relax without the risk of escaping. Its durability also means it can withstand the wear and tear of active animals.

Corrugated Hog Fence

Hog Fence

Design Ideas and Inspiration 

When it comes to personalizing your space, corrugated metal fencing offers so many creative possibilities. BarrierBoss's fence panels come standard in black or galvamine, providing a sleek and modern base for any property. For those looking to match a specific color scheme or add a personal touch, the panels can be painted using PVDF paint in up to 26 colors to meet your exact specifications. 

Color Choices and Panel Orientation

Choosing the right color and panel orientation can significantly impact the overall appearance and appeal of your fencing. While black and galvamine offer a classic and industrial look, painting your panels in one of our 26 color choices can add some character to blend with your property's overall theme. 

Further, horizontal panels can create a sense of width and modernity, making spaces appear larger. Vertical panels, on the other hand, offer a traditional look and can make fences seem taller. This can provide an added sense of security and privacy.

    Integrating Corrugated Metal with Other Materials

    For a truly unique look, consider integrating corrugated metal with other materials. Using wood posts or frames around metal panels can add a touch of warmth and natural beauty, creating a visually appealing contrast. 

    Stone bases or columns can elevate the elegance and permanence of the fence, blending the modernity of metal with the classic strength of stone. These combinations not only enhance the fence's visual appeal but also allow it to complement a wider range of architectural styles and landscapes.

    Comparison with Traditional Fencing Options

    When choosing the right fencing for your property, be sure to consider how corrugated metal compares to traditional options like wood, chain link, and white vinyl. While each material has its strengths, corrugated metal offers a set of unique benefits that might make it the best choice for your needs.

    Durability and Maintenance

    One of the greatest advantages of corrugated metal is its superior strength. Unlike wood, which can suffer from rot, insects, and weather damage, corrugated metal is designed to withstand harsh conditions. It doesn't warp, crack, or fade under the sun as vinyl sometimes does, and it's far more resistant to impact and bending than chain link

    Metal also requires far less upkeep than wood, which needs regular staining or painting, or vinyl, which can get brittle and discolored over time.

    Sleek and Modern Appearance

    Corrugated metal provides unparalleled flexibility when it comes to the look and design you are going for. With options for painting in any of our 26 colors, changing panel orientations from horizontal to vertical or vice versa, and integrating with other materials, it allows for a level of customization that's hard to match. Want a modern look? Corrugated metal fencing is your answer. Want a more traditional look? Corrugated metal can be adapted to fit your vision.

    Environmental Considerations

    Corrugated metal fencing is a strong contender for those concerned with protecting our environment. Metal fences, including those from BarrierBoss, are often made of recycled materials and are themselves fully recyclable at the end of their long life span. This makes corrugated metal fencing a more sustainable option than some traditional materials, such as wood or white vinyl fencing.


    Investing in corrugated metal fencing will likely cost you more upfront than other materials. When comparing metal fencing vs. wood fencing, you should know that installing a new wood fence usually costs about $3,300 (this will vary based on square footage). On the other hand, steel fencing ranges from $17 to $45 per linear foot, while aluminum options fall between $11 to $50. 

    While the initial investment in corrugated metal fencing might be higher than that of some traditional materials, its long-lasting nature and low maintenance requirements can make it more cost-effective in the long run. You'll spend less on repairs, replacements, and upkeep than on wood or vinyl.

    BarrierBoss Corrugated Metal Fencing for the Win

    Corrugated metal fencing offers a blend of benefits that traditional fencing materials simply can't match. Whether you're looking for a fence that combines modern looks and design with longevity, minimal upkeep, or a customizable design to reflect your unique style, corrugated metal fencing is the superior choice. 

    We encourage you to consider corrugated metal for your next fencing project and see for yourself the unique blend of functionality, strength, and elegance it brings to any space.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How does corrugated metal fencing compare in cost to traditional fencing options?

    Corrugated metal fencing costs more upfront than other options like wood or chain link. However, as corrugated metal fencing lasts about 40 years or more (and we warranty it for 40 years), it can actually save you money over time.

    That said, while vinyl fencing may compete in upfront costs, corrugated metal's longevity, and minimal upkeep can result in lower overall expenses over the fence's lifespan.

    Is corrugated metal fencing suitable for all climates?

    Corrugated metal fencing works well in a variety of climates because of its exceptional durability and resistance to weather conditions. It withstands extreme temperatures, heavy rain and snow, and strong winds better than many traditional materials. However, coastal areas may require additional protective coatings to prevent corrosion from salt air.

    How long does a corrugated metal fence last compared to wood or vinyl fences?

    A corrugated metal fence, especially those from BarrierBoss, which come with a 40-year warranty, outlasts both wood and vinyl fences by a considerable margin—wood fences, vulnerable to rot and insect damage, generally last 15 to 20 years. Vinyl, though durable, may not hold up as well in extreme temperatures and typically lasts over 20 years. 

    Can corrugated metal fencing provide adequate privacy?

    Yes, corrugated metal fencing can provide privacy, especially if you opt for the 6’ or 8’ panels. Our solid panels block visibility, making it an ideal choice for creating a secluded outdoor space. Corrugated metal offers a continuous barrier, unlike chain link or certain types of wood fencing that may have gaps. The option for vertical or horizontal placement can be customized to meet specific privacy needs and aesthetic preferences.

    Are there customizable design options for corrugated metal fencing?

    Corrugated metal fencing is highly customizable. This includes choosing between our traditional corrugated metal fencing, deep groove panels for a pronounced texture and visual interest, and steel mesh options for a more open, airy feel while maintaining security.